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At Fabi Elite Fitness personal training, we provide custom, fun and motivating workouts that delivered RESULTS! We understand that everyone’s goals and fitness levels are different so let us build a workout plan made just for YOU. Our staff has years of experience in the fitness and training industries and we work with men and women of all backgrounds across Wethersfield and beyond. Our knowledge and passion have helped many along the way and we can't wait for you to be next! With a team of nationally certified personal trainers and a facility that is equipped to deliver results, you can trust that you are in good hands! We are proud to bring you the best one-on-one personal training sessions at either half hour or one hour long, plus cutting-edge group classes and online workouts. Each session is upbeat and high intensity with a focus on making fitness fun and teaching you proper form along the way. Learn more or GET STARTED TODAY!

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I've been working with John for 11 weeks now. I've lost 27 pounds!! I train 3 times a week and I signed up for the meal plan as well. I've stopped eating out at restaurants and put 100% of my time into the training 3 times a week and follow the meal plan. I work 50 to 55 hours a week I made the time to invest in myself. You can't put a price on health and trust me you will like the way you look!! and have more confidence! I plan on doing this long term. John, has put me on the right path and is a excellent motivator! If anyone would like to contact me I'd be happy to talk with you and tell you how great John is!!

Fabi Elite Fitness Dan D.

Dan D.

Super great trainer & motivator! Awesome results

Fabi Elite Fitness Dorothy Leokadia Adamkiewicz

Dorothy Leokadia Adamkiewicz

When I look in the mirror and feel more confident everyday, when my clothes start to fit me better, when I receive compliments from friends and coworkers on how good I look I can thank John for all of it! His hard work & dedication for what he loves to do, encouraging me to not give up and that I can do it. I look forward to my workouts with John everyday and if you're looking to find that inner confidence too and to have the beach bod you've always wanted, John is the man to see!!

Katie Wacht

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