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  • How to stay accountable with your goals

    We all know how tough it is to stick to a diet or workout plan right? Sometimes the temptation of having “just one” slice of pizza is too much or watching a “couple more” minutes of tv is more important than sticking to your diet and workout routine. This happens to everyone so I know you can relate I mean there are temptations everywhere right? How can you turn down freshly made pasta from your grandma, or just one beer when you are out with the guy, maybe you will hit the gym tomorrow because your show is on. I am here to tell you a secret your not messing up because of the temptation around you. You cant stick to a diet or workout schedule because you have no ....

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  • Must Have Fitness Accessories

    My top fitness accessories
    When it comes to working out and fitness the new gadgets and what not are endless!! Everyone boasts that they have the best product out there so how do you know what’s worth spending your hard earned money on? Personally, I’m a review guy I love reading about a new product before I buy it! If you are reading this blog then you must too. So I’m going to list some of my favorite fitness accessories that I use every day! My JayBird X3 Bluetooth headphones. These babies are the best Bluetooth headphones I have ever owned. When it comets headphones I am a bit of a snob some giving these a 5 out of 5 stasis a big deal. The form and fit of these are ....

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  • 4 Ways to squat for a better squat.

    Big booty's and fit legs are in these days and you don't want to that guy or girl with the small legs and flat booty! What's the one stop shop for building a great set of legs and a peachy behind?.... That's right..squats!! The squat is like the king of all exercises alongside deadlifts. Squats are a core compound movement that everyone should be doing a doing correctly. But not everyone can just get up a do a perfect squat. This is because of many lifestyle factors, like sitting too much, walking with your feet turned out, having a weak core, etc.... Without going too much into corrective exercise purgatory lets just go over some basic types of squats you can do to get better at your squat ....

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  • How To Cure Chafing For Guys with Big Thighs.

    Okay, guys, I know that you know all too well about the pain and inconvenience of chafing of your thighs. But those of us who don’t skip leg day this issue only becomes worse seeing as your thighs are more muscular so less padding and they are always rubbing! This is something that I had to deal with all too much and I was fed up! I would have chafing issues just from walking too much at work, cardio, you name it. I set out to find a cure for this issue I was having and to be honest, I found it in places you probably would never expect. The first thing that think anyone would try was some type of powder. So I tried things like baby powder, gold bond, you name it. The product I found ....

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  • 5 Reasons Why You Should Meal Prep

    Over my years as a trainer and athlete, I have seen how people struggle with one of the most important parts of health and fitness. That is with their nutrition, and this holds them back tremendously! If you are not eating right how can you expect to reach your goals? That's like not lifting weights and expecting to grow muscle because you eat protein… Do you see how silly that is? In my experience everyone claims to think they know what they need to do to lose weight but if they did… well… they probably would not be looking to hire me…I digress. That brings me to what I wanted to talk about today and its meal prep! Preparing your meals ahead of time is a ....

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  • Personal Training  in Wethersfield - Fabi Elite Fitness - Losing body fat without the strict body builder diet?

    Losing body fat without the strict body builder diet?

    Everyone wants to look and feel good, right? But not everyone wants to eat like those bodybuilders to get the physique they dream of having. Well, I’m here to tell you that you can have a great fit body and you don’t have to starve yourself or only eat chick and rice 6x per day. I'm not pulling your leg here this can really be done, it does not mean that you don’t have to put in some work to get there. I am going to give you the basics to have some great success with Flexible Dieting, you just have to follow along and do the work. Let's talk about what I mean when I say Flexible Dieting, I don’t mean you can just go around eating junk food half the day and the ....

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  • Personal Training and Small Group Training in Wethersfield!

    Check out our new website for Fabi Elite Fitness!
    We proudly serve the Wethersfield, Newington, and Glastonbury areas! Come see the programs and deals we have to offer. Personal Training, Small Group Training, Online Training and SO MUCH MORE! Fill out the "Request Information" form on the side of the page and stop in for a visit today! Don't forget to click below to visit us on our social media pages!! Facebook Google+ YouTube Instagram ....

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  • Personal Training  in Wethersfield - Fabi Elite Fitness - Do you have the right people in your corner?

    Do you have the right people in your corner?

    This blog was inspired by me watching "Rocky III" last night on Amazon video. I know that everyone here has at least seen 1 rocky movie. They are some of my all-time favorite films to watch, they get you pumped up! Watching this movie though made me think of some very important things. So for those of you have been living under a rock ( no pun intended ) this sequel to Rocky 1 and 2 takes place after Rock Balboa has won the heavyweight title. Since then he has defended his belt 10x, pretty impressive right? Rocky is at the top of the world, happy family, money, cars, the cover of GQ. He thought nothing could knock him down and for the most part, he was right. Flash forward in the ....

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  • Personal Training  in Wethersfield - Fabi Elite Fitness - Are you getting the most out of your fitness regime???

    Are you getting the most out of your fitness regime???

    Nobody wants to go to the gym and spend all that time and money and not see results. So in this blog, I'm going to give a few examples of ways to switch up your workouts to jumpstart your results. ??The first way to change up your workout routine is to literally do just that. Incorporate new exercises into each workout! So even if you keep your training schedule the same but, change the exercises in those workouts you will see gains! So let's use chest as an example... You currently have been doing bench press every week. You know you can press well and you can move heavy weight, but you have not really seen much improvement in your chest. So you can try switching out barbell bench ....

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  • Personal Training  in Wethersfield - Fabi Elite Fitness - Why Doing Boot Camp Can Boost Your Results!

    Why Doing Boot Camp Can Boost Your Results!

    I am sure you all have heard about bootcamps and maybe you have even thought about joining one. Here is why adding in a bootcamp at least once per week can help improve your results even if you are getting workouts with a trainer. When ever you add in something new with your fitness plan it is always beneficial for many different reasons and here is why! Lets start off talking about the mental benefits of joining a bootcamp. This is something that gets over looked a lot but it is so important! If we are not having fun or enjoying what we are doing then we are most likely not going to stick to it or be consistent with it. So even if you are already on a regular fitness program this is ....

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